Monday, February 05, 2007

Red, Red Wine

We went to a wine tasting tonight. This was no ordinary wine tasting, mind you. This was a pinot noir special held in the upstairs room of a fancy TriBeCa restaurant called the Tribeca Grill.

We walked in to a room full of New Yorkers wandering around sniffing and slurping enthusiastically, there was a mountain of cheese in the middle, and 25 wines to taste.

Two regions of California, Oregon, Burgundy and "The Rest of the World" were represented by separate tables, and behind each was a designated pourer. We sidled in at the end of one of the tables and set to work.

25 wines in under an hour is a reasonable task, but we did our best. There wasn't much of a system to each table, and we had to muscle in with the rest of the throng to make sure we were represented, but we did well and sampled all of the wines on offer.

Not surprisingly the Burgundies came out on top, closely followed by the Oregonians. The rest came stumbling quite far behind in a bit of a rabble. Oddly, the Burgundy table was by far the least densely populated with slurpers.

I guess the New World, New World rules.

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