Monday, February 19, 2007

At the Zoo

Today is Presidents' Day in the United States - a public holiday commemorating the birthdays of previous presidents. It started with Washington, then they added Lincoln as his birthday was pretty close to George's. Now it covers all former presidents in a bold swathe of inclusion.

It does however entitle me to a day off work, and we decided to spend it visiting the Bronx Zoo with some friends.

The last zoo I went to was Regents Park Zoo in London. I visited that one in February as well, and have come to the conclusion that they were both quiet for a reason. It was perishingly cold on both occasions; and most exotic animals are sensible enough to stay inside in the warm and dry.

The Bronx Zoo is an impressive place. It occupies a sizeable area north of Manhattan and has some 4,000 animals in residence. We certainly didn't cover all the exhibits, but did enjoy seeing giraffes, frogs, snakes, buffalo and all manner of strange birds. There were also some rather foolhardy tigers flopping around in the snow; I guess they really are as tough as they look.

I think we'll be back when it's warmer and the animals are more likely to be outside. It certainly felt like a happier place that the abject misery that is London Zoo.

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