Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our House

As part of my relocation package I am afforded a month's accommodation in a corporate apartment. This makes the transition a little easier as it means you have somewhere civilised to stay whilst you hunt for a real place to live.

It's a little like staying in a hotel, only without the mini-bar.

The apartment itself is actually surprisingly nice. It's located right on Union Square which is very well connected for the subway. This makes the commute pretty straightforward, and trips out to see apartments or to have a martini a breeze.

We're up on the 17th floor (although Brits should note that the equivalent would be the 16th floor back in Blighty - Americans like to have taller buildings and having the first floor actually on the ground floor seems to help in this regard). The view isn't that inspiring, but it's perfectly pleasant. We have a 24 hour doorman. We can do the laundry. What else could you ask for?


An apartment that isn't so damned hot. With the heating turned off the place is rather on the warm side, and even if you could open the window properly you'd be greeted by the continuous grind of the City instead.

The other mildly amusing part is that as it's a corporate apartment there are certain corporate aspects that I wasn't quite prepared for. Two corporate-logo emblazoned mugs in the kitchen? That's just fine, after all I need something to drink my crappy Lipton tea from.

But two bath-robes with the corporate logo on the breast? That takes it a little too far. I know I'm supposed to live and breathe the Wall Street thing - but pressing the company next to my flesh first thing in the morning and last thing at night? Hmmmmm...

Whatever next? Branded bedsheets?

Maybe I'll suggest that in my feedback questionnaire.

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