Thursday, December 14, 2006

Give it Away

People have always assured me that food in Manhattan was much cheaper than the equivalent in London. Up until now I'd never really been able to verify this fact; but maybe that's more due to the sort of establishments I'd eaten in on typical weeks and weekends away to New York, than any lack of truth in the story.

Of course there are some ridiculously priced establishments. Take Masa for example. This is a very exclusive Japanese restaurant that charges upwards of $500 a skull for an omakase meal that will blow your mind (as well as your wallet), that is prepared in front of your by none other than Masa Takayama himself.

It's the most expensive restaurant in New York.

But the good news is that on the other end of the spectrum things do seem to be much more in the "pound for dollar" realm.

Dinner for two in a buzzy, interesting, local restaurant will normally involve a good bottle of wine and exciting food for around $100. What's not to love?

I could get used to this far too easily: I had to check myself tonight as I cursed that the sushi bento box I picked up cost a whopping $14. Four-teen dollars! Daylight robbery!

Oh, hang on... that's about £7... and I had picked up two trays...

I suppose this might go some way towards explaining the epidemic obesity problem on these shores.

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